Health tips

Healthy habits you should form to be at your best:

        1. Keep to a meal routine, by eating at roughly the same times each day, and keep to a regular meal rhythm to avoid snacking. 

        2. Choose healthy fats, like those in nuts, avocado and oily fish, instead of fast foods. 

        3. Exercise for 30 minutes everyday

        4. Pack healthy snacks when you go out, and swap chips and biscuits for fresh fruit.

        5. Look at the labels, and check the fat, sugar and salt content on food labels. 

        6. Caution with your portions; use smaller plates, and drink a glass of water, and wait five minutes then check in with your hunger before going back for seconds. 

        7.  Break up sitting time, by decreasing sedentary time and increasing your activity. 

        8. Think about your drinks, choose water and if necessary, limit fruit juice to one small glass per day.

        9.  Focus on your food. Try to slow down and eat while sitting down, not eating on the go. 

        10. Aim to eat five serves of vegetables a day. They have high nutritional quality and low energy density, and health benefits, including a reduction in the risk of cancer and coronary heart disease.

        11. Floss between all of your teeth before going to bed

        12. Brush your teeth twice a day, morning and night for 2 minutes with a soft toothbrush

        13. Visit your dentist twice yearly for preventive care and maintenance. A healthy mouth is absolutely the start of a healthy body