3D printed porcelain

Why 3D printed porcelain is the best material to restore teeth with:


  1. It can be seamlessly bonded and precision fit to the rest of a damaged tooth

  2. It is perfectly smooth and feels just like tooth structure

  3. It is strong, durable and stable

  4. The shape of teeth and colour of teeth can be changed

  5. Finishes like glass, so it is naturally stain free and resistant to plaque

  6. It has a 5 year laboratory warranty

  7. It can be made to be extremely thin, down to 0.2 mm

  8. made by a master ceramist in Australia It has a 5 year laboratory warranty

  9. It is matched perfectly to the rest of the teeth for perfect aesthetics



  1. A master ceramist is engaged to create the porcelain restoration so it is costly

  2. Time - temporaries are placed for 2 weeks

  3. Needs careful assessment to ensure that it is not going to undergo extreme forces from the bite. It can chip if you grind your teeth and it is under excessive chewing forces

  4. They may last a life time but need excellent home care, maintenance and checks

  5. Excellent home care and maintenance each 6 months is needed

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