Dental crowns

A crown is a precision fit cover that is  precisely made with computer technology, and hand finished by a ceramic specialist. A crown strengthens worn, damaged or broken teeth, and protects a tooth as best as is possible in the bite. They are often used cosmetically, to enhance the size, shape or colour of teeth because of their stain free and long lasting aesthetics. Primarily they are used to build teeth back together when they are badly damaged. 

Crowns can vary wildly in quality around the world, depending on the skills, experience and standards of the dental team.  Our preferred system for porcelain crowns are those made with the Swiss e.Max pressed porcelain technology, and Lisipress crowns, that are all metal free and that can seamlessly and exactly replicate tooth structure, with incredibly strong and long lasting results.

The best ceramists are true artists, and make the crowns from study models and photos that we supply to them, and our crowns are made here in Brisbane with a ceramic specialist.

Just as with any other tooth, crowned teeth must be flossed around daily, with twice daily toothbrushing, along with 6 monthly preventive dental care with your dental professional. There is natural tooth underneath the crown and it must be cared for. Most ceramists manufacture crowns with a 5 years warranty in Australia. 

Gold alloy is sometimes used for crowns on the back teeth, albeit rarely, for unbreakable strength on molar teeth, for patients who grind their teeth very heavily. It is extremely difficult to break a porcelain crown, and if this happens we wonder whether a night guard is required to protect the bite against grinding of the teeth during sleep.

Zirconia crowns are used in very specific circumstances, where there is severe staining of the underlying tooth structure, and for bridge work when required to be made without metal.