Cosmetic Dentistry at Brisbane Smile Boutique

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry involves dental treatments that improve the appearance of the teeth, gums and usually the bite. It can improve the the colour, position, shape, size, alignment and overall aesthetics of a smile, following evaluation of factors such as jaw alignment, shape of your teeth, lips, mouth, face and dental photos and models for aesthetic consideration, and optimal function.

Computer guided smile design involves one or a combination of advances in dentistry, to produce a natural and durable smile solution.

Dental crowns, bridges, tooth bonding, teeth whitening, digital smile design, dental implant crowns, Invisalign, computer guided implant placement and 3D printed restorations, can allow for a brand new smile, for the most subtle improvements through to rebuilding a bite and smile. Our dentists, Dr Leila Haywood and Dr Tijana Fisher, have decades of experience in aesthetic dentistry, including latest techniques, to provide dentistry that are biocompatible, long lasting and with superior aesthetics.