Health tips for students


Energy drinks can have a catastrophic effect on teeth because they create an attack of acid and sugar, which causes the tooth to soften and weaken, leading to tooth cavities and erosion. 

Reaching for a can of a highly caffeinated energy drink to keep awake and alert during stressful periods of study, like Red Bull or V to sustain a heavy study schedule, allows an intake of 21 teaspoons of sugar, and caffeine that is equal to 2.5 espresso shots. 

The other health concern is increasing the risk of weight gain, and heart and kidney disease and type 2 diabetes.
Sales of energy drinks are increasing, with 155 million litres consumed in 2011.

Recommendations for student care:
- eat a health breakfast which is wholesome, such as oats, natural yoghurt, coconut milk and nuts (home made is best); or 2 eggs on toast
- look after yourself by getting some fresh air, going for a walk - stay hydrated with lots of water
- avoid sitting for long periods of time; be sure to have a walk around for a few minutes every couple of hours
- do regular exercise, such as a 20 minute jog, or walk
- when feeling stressed call someone who can offer you support
- eat healthy snacks, like fruit, toast, nuts and natural yoghurt
- take it easy on the caffeine, one or two a day should be the ma
- brush your teeth morning + night for 2 mins
- floss your teeth daily
- visit your dentist twice a year for dental preventive care and maintenance

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