When should my child first see the dentist? 

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It’s easy to see why it might not make sense to a see the dentist until your child has a full set of teeth, but good habits are formed early, and we know that prevention is far better than having to sort out some possible dental issue down the track. Generally it is time for a dental visit when your baby’s first tooth becomes visible or they reach 12 months old – whichever comes first. If you notice anything you think is out of the ordinary before this time it’s better to have it checked, because prevention is always better, and an early dental visit may protect your child from developing tooth decay by carefully monitoring the teeth, their formation and hygiene levels. Your little one might fuss during their dental visit, but don’t worry, it happens sometimes, and our dental team is trained to make sure your baby is as comfortable as possible during their examination, and it is a great opportunity to use the first dental visit to become to get informed about your child’s oral health. Parents play a really important role in making a visit to the dentist a positive and fun experience.  Our dentists are mums too, so they can connect with you and our baby, toddler, child or teenager in a way that makes for a good dental experience, and give firm and gentle advice to children, so they create good habits for life. 

Your dentist and oral therapist may discuss:

• Teething
• Brushing techniques
• Bite (how your child’s teeth will come together)
• Habits such as thumb sucking
• Risk of decay and how to prevent it
• Prevention of trauma to your child’s mouth
• Nutritional advice