Bad breath solutions

A BAD TASTE in the mouth  could be due to a need to improve home care dental techniques or the frequency of brushing and flossing. Sometimes it is caused by periodontal disease where bacterial deposits are building up under the gums. There could be a dead tooth that is infected, so all cases of a bad taste in the mouth need to be investigated further.

Follow a consistent oral care routine of twice-daily tooth brushing and daily flossing,
* Keep your toothbrush fresh. Be sure to replace your toothbrush every 2 months. Make sure it looks practically new, and is kept upright in a glass and not touching any surface in the bathroom.
* Brush twice a day, morning and night, for 2 minutes each time, preferably with an electric toothbrush with a timer. Always brush and then floss last thing before bed with no snacking at all, except for water
* Drink plenty of water. Keeping your mouth moist helps minimise the amount of bacteria in your mouth that can cause bad breath.
* It tends to be more common in smokers, so try cutting down or quitting. 
* Reduce alcohol intake
* Visit your doctor annually for a medical check to ensure that there are no gut problems that could be causing the issue
* Eat a healthy diet, and keep an eye on sugary snacks and drinks. Make sure you eat a few pieces of fruit per day and 5 serves of vegetables
* Cut down on processed foods and try to eat whole foods, fruit and vegetables
* See your dentist regularly for twice yearly preventive care