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Crisp mornings meet streaming light casting shadows across the park, transitioning to the endless ebb and flow of river waves as they course through the city. Here at work, our beautiful rooms and the timelessness of nature allows for a fusion of the splendour in the vista and advances in dentistry, and are appreciated each day by our team and by patients during their appointments, as the day looms where our beloved dental space is set to be desecrated in the name of progress and traffic flow. Necessarily, creative visions abound with the architectural intricacies of such, as juxtaposed against plain negotiating, dragging us away from the transformation of our landscape, and weaving through days in the scientific pursuit of creating teeth as beautiful as nature.

Cooler times are ahead where architectural lingo becomes a necessary pursuit ~ eco design ~ tesla powerwalls ~ optimal ergonomics ~ all set to fuse with finality as things heat up again towards the end of this year. Officially the transition date is in November 2017 in order to embrace our new clinical setting and we will very much look forward to welcoming all of our patients and all of our friends to visit our new home.

Dr Amy Daley is working on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm. With the first light of each of these days, Dr Amy and her team are prepared for smiles, careful planning and meticulous care.

Invisalign and Truline creations are now integral to our smile design to allow a seamless integration of teeth with virtually invisible 'clear braces' which are particularly favoured by adult patients, who wish for gentle movement of their teeth to their best position by orthodontic movement, naturally for aesthetics, but also for optimal cleaning, access and gum health. They have become necessary as a conservative approach to aesthetic dentistry, as our dentists reflect on decades of clinical experience and the advances that are on offer with the technology streaming seemingly faster than seasonal changes.

And on that note, may the cooler weather be a promise of florals that bloom and remind us of the warmth of sunshine that will be here soon enough ~ to bring us all good luck this year as time transitions rapidly from season to season ~ a year that will quickly bring transformation and the grandest changes for our team and space. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon

Wishing everyone the best

With the Kindest of Regards

Leila Haywood / dentist / brisbane smile boutique