Dr Leila Haywood has 22 years of expertise in aesthetic dentistry and prides herself on her life’s dedication and excellence in dentistry and care. She directs a practice, leads a team of fine professionals, works with the best in dentistry, and is the proud mother of two beautiful grown up children, a boy and girl.

Dr Leila Haywood has 22 years of expertise in aesthetic dentistry and prides herself on her life’s dedication and excellence in dentistry and care. She directs a practice, leads a team of fine professionals, works with the best in dentistry, and is the proud mother of two beautiful grown up children, a boy and girl.


Dr Leila Haywood graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997, and has 22 years of experience in aesthetic and general dentistry.

Dr Tijana Fisher has 18 years of experience in dentistry, and graduated from the University of Otago in New Zealand in 2001, has owned a dental practice in Sydney CBD for 7 years, is a trusted advisor to media publications being a strong advocate for green dentistry, as well as having clinical experience in latest technological advances, including 3D printing of dental restorations.

Our Oral Health Therapist, Christine Richards, is also a graduate of the University of Queensland, and has been a part of our team for 10 years.

  • Our dental practice is a beautiful and brand new architect designed space set in a heritage house in inner city Brisbane at Spring Hill, relocated from East Brisbane after 15 years, in 2018, due to the reclaim of our workspace property by Brisbane City Council, for the widening of Wynnum Road Project

  • Our team are committed to excellence in service and patient care. Our patients are the life of our practice, and with our team having lifetimes of experience you can be assured of the highest quality treatment standard and active dental care.

  • Our dental practice has accreditation in partnership with the Australian Dental Association as part of their quality innovation performance program, with commitments to strict protocols and excellence in sterilising, patient care and management.


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The majority of our patients have kindly found us at our location in Spring Hill after relocating in 2018, and we would be delighted to see all of our existing, and of course new patients in our new space.

We have some of the latest technology including brand new European chairs, a dedicated OPG room, and new x-ray and scanning technology.

Our practice is top of the line design and we are sure that our patients will be delighted with the space, and of course our aim is to complement this with excellence in dental care.


Together with our oral health therapist who has been working in our team for the good part of a decade, Christine Richards, and our wonderful support and management team, our practice have the honour of overseeing, caring and taking responsibility for 3 000 patients who attend for regular dental care, treatment and dental health checks. New patients are very welcome.


Meticulous attention to detail

 All female Dental Team 

  • dr leila haywood

  • Dr Tijana Fisher




Meticulous attention to detail and care, for every facet of dentistry, from a check up or first dental visit, all the way through to directing the transformation of smiles with multidisciplinary teams.

All of the technological advances available in cosmetic dentistry are available to us with up to the minute training and studies in Australia and internationally, including digital smile design technology and 3D printed restorations. 


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Our close team have worked together for many years as East Brisbane Dentists, and Brisbane Smile Boutique, and pride themselves on friendly and streamlined care, where a preventive care appointment or the most complex of dental issues are seen to efficiently, with empathy, and with the best quality of care.

Our team have expertise in this gentle type of orthodontic care, and see many patients who attend to straighten their teeth, with years of experience and advanced training in this revolutionary technology, with Invisalign, and backed by University of Queensland degrees.

Truline and Clear Correct accreditation, which are more affordable brands of clear braces, for gentle straightening of teeth, without the metal brackets.


Lifetimes of experience in porcelain technology and techniques for beautiful and natural smiles.

Where Invisalign is not appropriate, we are able to offer solutions with smile design techniques using computer planning and our master ceramist. This allows us to provide excellence in aesthetics with durability in mind, using solutions such as tooth bonding, dental implants, dental bridges, crowns, resin veneers, restorative care, porcelain inlays and onlays, porcelain veneers, facial injectables if required, and teeth whitening.

The most important aspect of cosmetic dentistry is a natural appearance with durable results that maintain health.

The advent of pressed porcelain technology is an era of dentistry that allows our dental professionals to perfectly recreate teeth.

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In this modern day of dental practices being bought by global corporations, private health insurance funds and franchised for profit, our practice has remained completely independent, and is dentist run. Materials are selected that are best suited to the individual application and guidelines, following advances and technology that are available, with the highest calibre of service, and no effort or time is spared to create the best results possible. Our dental professionals have the traditional focus of dentistry as healthcare, and take pride in being independent of corporate pressures. By maintaining independence no other person or company has control of materials, techniques, timing, scheduling and a myriad of other factors, which mean that our dental operators have complete freedom to treat patients at their best.


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Our dental practice caters to children and families, as well as providing aesthetic and durable solutions to any dental issue. We offer gentle and firm direction, and a focus on prevention and building good habits for life. Many of our patients have attended since they were in kindergarten and are now in University or working, which we love.

our dentists are mothers, and are able to connect with, care for and assist babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, and their parents, to have healthy smiles for life.



We have many patients who were scared of the dentist, and we are able to offer a calming approach to dental treatment and we take the time to explain. Our work is to ensure that our patients are comfortable and as relaxed as possible. Our experience and team personalities are able to care for everyone, no matter the complexity of any issue, in a seamless and caring manner, while focusing entirely on the individual and their specific needs.